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Eastern Massachusetts Soccer Officials Association

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Click here for Presentation of 2019-2020 rules changes and points of emphasis given at this year's Rule Interpretation Meetings


A comparison of the NFHS rules of soccer to USSF/FIFA laws to NCAA soccer rules. (2019 edition)



All active referees should have an ArbiterPay account.
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Cheryl Welsh and Daniel Trepanier have been selected as MIAA Soccer Officials of the Year. Both are EMSOA Life members.


MIAA has issued an updated Clarification to the Soccer Time Out Rule (Rule 78.2.24) in the MIAA Handbook . Read both the basic rule and the  Clarification and apply the Time Out Rule properly during your games.


Whether it's cold or hot, the weather can affect your performance on the field and affect your health.  Know how to protect yourself.

Click here to Information about Cold Weather Safety

Click here for information about Hot Weather Safety


The MIAA recommended Games Fees for the 2019 Fall season are the same as the 2018 Game Fees: 

$84 for varsity games

$62 for sub-varsity games when using a two referee system.

The fee is 150% (one and a half) of the normal fee when only one referee is on the field.


T-Shirts, Golf Shirts, Etc. with EMSOA Logo are available from Land's End to any EMSOA member.  Log-in, create a Land's End account and make your purchase.
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Dual System of Control

by the EMSOA Rules Interpreter (2016)

Comparison of the 2018-2019 USSF (FIFA), NFHS and NCAA soccer rules (laws)
published by the National Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association (NISOA).


The Eastern Massachusetts Soccer Officials Association provides training and professional development for its members under the rules of the Mass. Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) and the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS). Our members are assigned as soccer referees for both public and private high schools competitions in Eastern Massachusetts.

If you are interested in being a referee for youth (town leagues) soccer, go to the Mass. State Referees Committee (USSF) web site.

If you are interested in being a referee for college soccer, go to the New England Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association (NCAA) web site.

Your 2019 dues of  $84 (one varsity game fee) should be paid before Jan 1, 2019.  If you pay on or after Jan 1, 2019 and before March 1, 2019, send $104, $84 for your dues plus a $20 late fee.  If your 2019 dues are not paid by March 1, 2019, your EMSOA membership will be terminated.

You can pay by check, money order, credit/debit card, or bank e-transfer. Mail check or money order to address above.


Pay by credit/debit card or bank e-transfer, click on the grey box below.  There is a convenience fee of $2.95 added to the dues when paying with a credit/debit card or a convenience fee of $1.00 when paying with a bank e-transfer (eCheck).

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Send your comments or questions regarding the EMSOA organization to EMSOA.

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