EMSOA - How to Get an Assessment

An assessment is a method of improving the training of a referee.  It is not punishment and it does not guarantee that the referee will be assigned higher level games.  An assessment is done by an experienced referee who comes to a game for the sole purpose of watching the performance of a referee.  The assessor discusses the performance of the referee with him or her after the game and gives suggestion for ways to improve his or her performance.  A written report of the referee's performance will be provided to the referee a few days after the game.

An assessment may be done when the referee or a commissioner requests one.  All referees should receive an assessment during their first year or two of officiating high school games without making a request, but may contact an assessor to arrange a date convenient for both the referee and the assessor.  More experienced referees may also request an assessment, but priority will go to the less experienced referees due to a limitation of resources.  The requesting referee should contact the assessor in his area and let the assessor know when the referee is assigned to officiate a two-man system game.  The assessor will inform the referee that he is watching the game.  Usually, the assessor will inform the referee before the game starts, but on occasion may inform the referee at half time.

Blank assessment form which will be filled by the assessor as he watches a game.

The Directors of Assessment are:

(South) Walter Mortimer (Tel: 781-843-9134)
(North)  Michael Pelletier, (Tel: 978-744-6906)
(West) Jim Livingston, (Tel: 617-932-9040)

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