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Liability Insurance for EMSOA Members


Update:August 24, 2014

MISOA  (Massachusetts Interscholastic soccer Officials' Assn.) subscribes to Liability Insurance with K & K Insurance out of Newport News, Virginia for all of the member Soccer Officials Associations in Massachusetts including EMSOA. EMSOA pays for the insurance with dues paid by the members of EMSOA.  If you are an active member, you are covered for any activity which is an official function of MISOA and its members Associations.  This includes games, meetings and other activities which are authorized by the Associations' By Laws.

Significant items of liability coverage includes the following;

Covered Activities - Coverage applies for bodily injury or property damage claims made by a third party against individuals named to the policy (all dues paying members of EMSOA) while acting as an MISOA (EMSOA) soccer official. Activities under th Named Insured's (EMSOA) supervision or those events (meetings) or activities promoted by the named insured, or which it governs or officiates, or for which it sponsors or lends its name to, to the extent of the coverage's provided by this policy.

The liability coverage stated above extends to ALL interscholastic soccer contests utilizing MISOA (EMSOA) participants as game officials.  

Notable Exclusions - Medical payments to participants (game officials), Player Brain Injuries, Player versus Player Claims, Player Medical Payments, Sexual Abuse and Molestation, Motor vehicle claims by Member Officials against the named insured.

All claims under this policy must be forwarded to K & K Insurance through the MISOA and/or EMSOA Secretary/Treasurer(E. M. S. O. A., 100 Powdermill Rd., #240, Acton, MA 01720-5932 or  in a timely manner otherwise serious delays or dismissal may prevail.

For a copy of the full policy, click here.

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