MIAA Soccer Official Background Check

The MIAA requires that all sports officials (and therefore all members of the EMSOA) register as an official and permit a background check to be conducted. The process is completely electronic. An Official must register with the MIAA every year (for a fee of $10) and register every third year (for a fee of $35) to have a background check done. Registration for fall sports officials begins on July 1st each year. The MIAA is requesting that all Fall sports officials complete the registration by July 31st to allow time for those requesting background checks to complete. The process should take ten minutes or less.

The MIAA is using ArbiterSports.com as their portal for this process. The MIAA section of Arbiter is separate from the assigning EMSOA or North Shore sections of Arbiter site which are used for assigning games.  All payments must be by credit card or debit card.

MIAA Information on Background Checks (all files are in PDF format)

MIAA Background Checks Summit Power Point (04/29/2015)

MIAA Policy on Background Checks (06/01/2015)

MIAA Background Checks FAQ (April, 2015)

Other Frequently asked questions regarding the MIAA background checks (12/04/2016).

You may access the MIAA Arbiter website, to register, by clicking here.

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