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Eastern Massachusetts Soccer Officials Association
as of March 2, 2021

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Retired Life Members


Life Member





Active   William Adams 2011 Hanover MA top 
Active   Michael Adler 2003 Framingham MA  
Active   Reinaldo V. Afonso 2013 Plymouth MA  
Active   Olamide Agbolade 2013 Brockton MA  
Active   Juan J. Aguilar 2006 Brockton MA  
Active Yes Edward T. Ahearn 1986 N. Marshfield MA  
Active   Levon Akoghlanian 2002 Lakewood Ranch FL  
Inactive   Scott Alexander 2018 N. Carver MA  
Active   Alias Alhussaini 2007 Methuen MA  
Active   Denis Allen 2018 Watertown MA  
Active   Raymond J. Almeida Jr. 2011 Hopkinton MA  
Active   Robert Almy 2013 South Dartmouth MA  
Active   Richard C. Altonaga 2007 Wakefield MA  
Active Yes Dennis Alves 1981 Ashland MA  
Active Yes David Amero 1994 Gloucester MA  
Active Yes Bruce Anderson 1992 Winthrop MA  
Active Yes Kristine Anderson 1989 Lynn MA  
Active   Miguel Andreottola 2019 Salem MA  
Active Yes John Andrews 1996 Kensington NH  
Active   Ewald Apel 2018 Methuen MA  
Active   Sandro R. Araujo 2011 Kingston MA  
Active   Syrus Ataii 2019 Newton MA  
Active Yes Kenneth A. Atkinson Jr. 1988 Methuen MA  
Inactive Yes Anthony C. Attardo 1984 Braintree MA  
Active   Gordon Axtman 2018 Arlington MA  
Active   Adrian Baird 2012 Kingston MA top
Active   Dalton Baker 2004 Avon MA  
Active Yes Frank Barbagallo 1975 Methuen MA  
Inactive   Dave Barrett 2015 Tyngsboro MA  
Active Yes John A. Barrett 1989 Arlington MA  
Active   Amandio Barros 2014 Roxbury MA  
Inactive   Mello Barros 2012 Brockton MA  
Active   David Barton 2002 Pembroke MA  
Active   Dusan Basta 2014 Revere MA  
Active   Christopher Batisney 2017 Fitchburg MA  
Active   Barbara Battle 2019 Lunenburg MA  
Active   Dimitri Battle 2020 Lunenburg MA  
Active   Michael Battle 2018 Lunenburg MA  
Active   Natalie Battle 2018 Lunenburg MA  
Active   Claude Beauchamp 1999 Cambridge MA  
Active Yes Richard Beaudoin 1996 North Reading MA  
Active   Peter Beaumont 2009 Andover MA  
Inactive   Reginald Beaumont 2002 Merrimac MA  
Active Yes Frank Beebe 1988 Medford MA  
Active   Richard "Rick" Beidleman 2020 Holliston MA  
Active   Joshua Bellini 2006 Watertown MA  
Inactive   Nabil Benchekroun 2017 Tyngsboro MA  
Active   John Bigelow 2013 Bolton MA  
Active   Mark A. Bisognano 2010 North Reading MA  
Active   James Blanchette 2015 Chelmsford MA  
Active   James Blaszkowski 2018 Braintree MA  
Active Yes Jeffrey S. Blonder 1985 Swampscott MA  
Active   Michael Bloukos 2020 Westwood MA  
Active   Mike Bluette 2019 Saugus MA  
Active Yes Chuck Bohlken 1990 Quincy MA  
Inactive   David Bolduc 2000 Saugus MA  
Active   Martin Bolduc 2004 Salem NH  
Active   David A. Bonney 1999 Westford MA  
Active   Michael Borislow 2005 Methuen MA  
Active   Mark C. Botelho 2016 Middleboro MA  
Active   Wayne Bowen 2007 E. Bridgewater MA  
Active   Deborah A. Bowker 2019 Saugus MA  
Inactive Yes Andrew Boyce 1987 Groton MA  
Inactive   Gregg Brasso 1999 N. Weymouth MA  
Active Yes Thomas A. Brault 1991 Upton MA  
Active   Mark Brennan 2000 Weymouth MA  
Active   Steve Breton 2009 North Attleboro MA  
Active   Jonathan Brock 2019 Randolph MA  
Active   Kenneth Brooke 2016 Medfield MA  
Active Yes Wayne H. Brown 1993 Auburndale MA  
Active   David S. Brown 2017 North Andover MA  
Inactive   Chris Browne 2013 Sherborn MA  
Active   Andrew Brownsword 2017 Walpole MA  
Active   Donald Buckley 1997 Franklin MA  
Active Yes John T. Buckley 1967 Framingham MA  
Inactive   Rita Bufford 2018 Mattapan MA  
Active   Michael Buonopane 2013 Saugus MA  
Active   Jim Burke 2012 Braintree MA  
Active   Patrick Burke 2020 Natick MA  
Active   Bill Burks 2007 Framingham MA  
Inactive   Joseph R. Buswell 2011 Somerville MA  
Active Yes Tim Butler 1974 Westford MA  
Active Yes Joseph M. Cabral 1991 Wareham MA top
Active   Larry Caldwell 2007 Braintree MA  
Active   Walter H. Callahan 2009 Lowell MA  
Inactive   Michael Campbell 2009 Peabody MA  
Active   Jerome J. Cannella 2018 Plainville MA  
Active   Kevin Canty Jr. 2007 Wakefield MA  
Active   Daniel Caples 2009 Wayland MA  
Inactive Yes William Carey 1980 Concord MA  
Active Yes Robert "Ted" Carlson 1978 Bedford MA  
Active   Jessica M. Carnevale 2016 Dracut MA  
Active   Pasquale Carpinito 2007 Reading MA  
Active   Raul Carreno 2008 Methuen MA  
Active   Andres Castro 2018 Westwood MA  
Active   Michael Champagne 2019 Woburn MA  
Inactive   William Chan 2011 Brighton MA  
Inactive Yes Gregory P. Chandler 1978 Duxbury MA  
Active   Tony Chankhour 2008 Wakefield MA  
Inactive   Mike Checca 1996 Malden MA  
Inactive   Jackie Chee 2014 North Reading MA  
Active   Scott E. Christensen 2005 Framingham MA  
Active   David Clark 2000 Rockport MA  
Active   David L. Clark 2014 North Dighton MA  
Active   Scott Clement 2018 Bridgewater MA  
Active   Jonathan Cohen 2012 Brookline MA  
Active   Oscar Bob Cole 2012 Waymouth MA  
Active   Aggie Coleman 2016 Kingston MA  
Active   Anthony Comeiro 2015 Lynn MA  
Active   James Conceison 2007 Boxborough MA  
Active Yes Roy A. Condon 1972 Humarock MA  
Active   Edward Consilvo 1997 Arlington MA  
Inactive   Brian Conway 2006 Cambridge MA  
Active   John F. Cooney 2018 Mansfield MA  
Active   Jeff Cooper 2003 Lynnfield MA  
Active Yes Luis Cordeiro 1994 Framingham MA  
Active   Chris Cordella 2008 Natick MA  
Active   Fred A. Corey 2000 Methuen MA  
Active   Fred M. Corey 2014 Methuen MA  
Inactive   John Corliss 2002 Dedham MA  
Active   Jose Luiz Correia 2013 Boston MA  
Active   Richard Costin 2010 Lynn MA  
Active   Bernard Cotter 2017 Hingham MA  
Active   Douglas Coutts 1998 Millis MA  
Active   John Coveney 2010 Walpole MA  
Active   John Cowles 2009 Bedford MA  
Inactive   Thomas Coyne 2013 Burlington MA  
Active   Chris Crehan 2011 Franklin MA  
Active Yes Stephen J. Cronin 1992 Somerville MA  
Active   Charles T. "Butch" Crooker Jr. 2010 Holbrook MA  
Active   David Cudmore 2020 Bolton MA  
Inactive   Wai Ling Curado 2014 Acton MA  
Active   Joseph D'Amico 1998 Dedham MA top
Active   Lucio Damotta-Santos 2014 Taunton MA  
Active   Richard P. Dargon 2007 Norwell MA  
Inactive   Leonard David 2010 Malden MA  
Active   Ryan T. Davis 2018 Danvers MA  
Active   Matthew J. De Napoli 2007 Marshfield MA  
Active   Peter De Natale 2016 Wellesley MA  
Active   Jerry De Zutter 2019 Hudson MA  
Active   John "Jack" DeGregorio 2018 Braintree MA  
Active   Timothy J. Delaney 2012 Woburn MA  
Active Yes William Dembro 1995 Londonderry NH  
Active   Colm Desmond 2010 Scituate MA  
Active   Stephen Di Leo 2002 Stoneham MA  
Active   Steven Di Tullio 2011 Hanover MA  
Active   Peter Dion 2008 Georgetown MA  
Inactive Yes James Dobbins 1991 Medford MA  
Inactive   Andrew Doherty 2014 Littleton MA  
Active   David Doherty 2008 Franklin MA  
Inactive Yes Terence Donahue 1993 Bennington VT  
Inactive Yes "John P. ""Pat""" Donovan 1975 Bridgewater MA  
Inactive   Richard Dopazo 2004 Canton MA  
Active   Julien Dorvil 2017 Malden MA  
Active Yes Fran Doyle 1979 Norwell MA  
Active   Bjorn Dragsbaek 2020 Franklin MA  
Inactive   Joe Driscoll 2010 E. Bridgewater MA  
Active   Patrick Duffy 2017 North Andover MA  
Inactive Yes James J. "Jay" Dumas 1978 Reading MA  
Active   Jason M. Dupuis 2009 Natick MA  
Inactive   Peter Duserick 2014 Canton MA  
Active   Fred Echeverri 2015 North Attleboro MA top
Active   Stephen Eddy 1998 Dedham MA  
Inactive   Said El Mouatamid 2012 Revere MA  
Active   E. Randolph Ellis 2009 Sharon MA  
Active   Sheldon Epstein 2011 Brockton MA  
Active   Carlo Eracleo 2020 Westford MA  
Active   Antonio Esposito 2003 Bridgewater MA  
Inactive   Jessi Fanuele 2014 Franklin MA top
Active   Vincent Fanuele 2006 Hull MA  
Active   Joseph Farragher 2007 Methuen MA  
Inactive   Peter Fatouros 1997 Lynn MA  
Active   Daniel Favreau 2015 North Andover MA  
Active   Vincent A. Ferrara 2007 Framingham MA  
Active   Tom Ferrari 2014 Waltham MA  
Active   Michael Ferrini 2011 Bridgewater MA  
Active Yes Robert Ferullo 1983 Middleton MA  
Active   Richard Ficarra 2006 Waltham MA  
Active   Tom Fletcher 2002 Newton MA  
Inactive   Helmut Floesser 2010 Andover MA  
Inactive Yes Ryan Flynn 1995 Arlington MA  
Active   Robert Fogarty 2005 Pembroke MA  
Active   Bill Fortunato 2014 Saugus MA  
Inactive   Eric H. Fournier 2013 Watertown MA  
Active   Steven Fredey 2017 Cohasset MA  
Active   Charles C. Freeman 2020 Weston MA  
Active   Stephen Freker 2012 Malden MA  
Active   Giuseppe Frenna 2008 Waltham MA  
Active   Ilya Freytsis 2019 Cambridge MA  
Active Yes Carmine Fuccillo 1993 Braintree MA  
Inactive   Steven Gahl 2015 Waltham MA top
Inactive   John Gallagher 2018 Concord MA  
Active Yes Benjamin J. Galvani 1971 Ashland MA  
Active   Richard C. Galvin 2009 Amesbury MA  
Active   Angel Garcia 2020 Stoughton MA  
Active   Steven M. Gargan 2013 Danvers MA  
Active   Ilir Gaxhi 2016 Worcester MA  
Active   Grant Gazelian 2020 Methuen MA  
Active   Joe Gencorelli 2015 Andover MA  
Active   Ronald A. Gengo 2013 Waltham MA  
Inactive   Stephen Gilbert 2012 Hanover MA  
Active   Joe Gill 2019 Lynn MA  
Active   Risto Gjeorgiev 2014 Dorchester MA  
Active   Paul Golder 2014 W. Bridgewater MA  
Active   Stephen Goldman 2014 Lynn MA  
Active   Adelino G. Gomes 2018 Brockton MA  
Active   Eric C. Gomes 2020 Stoughton MA  
Active   Eurico "Eric" Gomes 2006 Quincy MA  
Inactive   Jim Gooding 2020 Mendon MA  
Inactive   Robert Goodman 2008 Bedford MA  
Inactive   Bruce J. Goodwin 2014 Wrentham MA  
Active   Richard "Rick" P. Goodwin 2011 Marlborough MA  
Active Yes Robert "Bob" Goodwin 1996 Taunton MA  
Active Yes Philip L. Gormley 1978 Brookline MA  
Active   Caryn Goulet 2014 Wilmington MA  
Active   Peter Graney 2016 Norwell MA  
Inactive   Alp Gulden 2015 Sherborn MA  
Active   Michael K. Gulla 2008 Medway MA  
Active Yes Douglas Haddad 1986 Hinsdale MA top
Active   Peter Halesworth 2019 Medfield MA  
Active   Lynn S. Hallifax 2002 S. Weymouth MA  
Active Yes Peter Hansen 1985 Hanover MA  
Inactive   Linda Hanson 2019 Stoneham MA  
Active   George Harding 2001 Chelmsford MA  
Active   Stephen Harris 2014 Salem MA  
Active   Martin Hart 2008 Topsfield MA  
Inactive   Bela Hasek 2006 Burlington MA  
Inactive   Bela Hasek II 2008 Burlington MA  
Active   Patricia Haskell 2012 Danville NH  
Active   Jon Hayden 2008 Waban MA  
Active   Thomas J. Heinz 2002 Medford MA  
Active   Patrick Herndon 2017 Newburyport MA  
Active   Allan Hale 2019 Methuen MA  
Active   Gerald Hogan 2009 Weymouth MA  
Active   John Horrigan 2003 Natick MA  
Active   John "Jay" Hosmer 2003 Tewksbury MA  
Active   Armand Hoxholli 2016 Somerville MA  
Active   Kenneith Hughes 2018 Marblehead MA  
Active   Paul F. Hurley 2007 Norwell MA  
Active   Edward T. Hyde 2010 Plaistow NH  
Active   Jose Ibanez 2018 Danvers MA top
Active   Nikolaos Iliopulos 2013 Lynn MA  
Active Yes Jose C. Isidro 1993 Peabody MA  
Active   Jon Izzo 2003 Peabody MA  
Inactive   Nickson "Nick" Jackson 2009 Marblehead MA top
Active   Peter Jackson 2004 Marblehead MA  
Active   Paul J Jacques 2020 Bellingham MA  
Inactive   John Jaworski 1999 Danvers MA  
Active   Sarcenas Jean-Phillippe 2010 Randolph MA  
Active   Jay Jolicoeur 2002 Holden MA  
Inactive   Christopher Jordan 2000 Boston MA  
Active   Sekou Kaba 2018 Brockton MA top
Active   Jeffrey S. Kearney 2003 Franklin MA  
Inactive   Stephen B. Keele 2010 Carlisle MA  
Inactive Yes Michael Kelley 1980 Berkley MA  
Active   John Kelly 2020 Franklin MA  
Active Yes Bruno Kirsh 1991 Brookline MA  
Inactive   Tom Kitterick 2007 Bridgewater MA  
Inactive   Henryk Kopczacki 2002 Blackstone MA  
Active   Michael Krieger 2019 Dracut MA  
Active   Steven J. Kulpa 2018 Middleboro MA  
Active   Peter Kunobwa 2012 Lowell MA  
Active   Garry Lacombe 2003 Mattapan MA top
Active   Richard Lambert 2009 Scituate MA  
Active   Kobi Lane 2019 Dracut MA  
Active   Shaye Lane 2020 Dracut MA  
Active   Eric R. Langenthal 2002 Weymouth MA  
Active   William Larsen 2007 Amesbury MA  
Inactive   Robert Lauriston 2019 Taunton MA  
Active   Glenn Lavallee 2009 Salem NH  
Active Yes Dennis C. Laversa 1983 Hanson MA  
Active   Reid C. Lavoie 2009 Lynnfield MA  
Active   Sergey Lazeykin Sr 2009 Natick MA  
Active   Stephen M. Leahy 1999 Burlington MA  
Active   Robert Leary 2014 Hanover MA  
Active   David Lefcourt 2020 Haverhill MA  
Active   Wayne G. Leslie 1981 Wareham MA  
Active   Andrew Levin 2006 Belmont MA  
Active Yes Louis Levine 1993 Acton MA  
Active   Steven Levine 2016 Hollis NH  
Active   Paul Levy 2012 Newton MA  
Active   David G. Linehan 2012 Weymouth MA  
Active   Meghan Litten 2016 Boston MA  
Active Yes Robert Littler 1990 Abington MA  
Active Yes Jim Livingston 1986 Belmont MA  
Inactive   John Livingstone 2014 Melrose MA  
Active   Rocco Lo Grasso 1988 S. Weymouth MA  
Active   Peter Loges 2013 Harvard MA  
Active Yes John A. Lopes 1993 Danvers MA  
Inactive   Manuel J. Lopes 2000 Danvers MA  
Inactive   Wayne Lucas 2006 Chestnut Hill MA  
Active   Diniz Luis 2009 Attleboro MA  
Active   Musanda Jean-Pierre Lukengu 2004 Lynn MA  
Active   Dennis Lyons 2002 Whitman MA  
Active   John J. Lyons 2001 Norwood MA  
Active   Duncan Mackay 2015 North Andover MA top
Active Yes Bruce Mackey 1983 Melrose MA  
Active   Gene Macomber 2013 Stoughton MA  
Inactive Yes Anthony Macone 1990 Foxborough MA  
Active   Emeka Madubuike 2018 Quincy MA  
Inactive   Charles Mahoney 2013 Needham MA  
Active Yes William Mahoney 1974 West Roxbury MA  
Active   Martin Manuelian 2000 Belmont MA  
Inactive   Matthew T Marks 2012 Taunton MA  
Inactive   Alan Marshall 2009 Shrewsbury MA  
Active   Melvin Martin 2011 Andover MA  
Inactive Yes Ted Mateus 1983 Woburn MA  
Inactive Yes Robert Mc Ardle 1978 Woburn MA  
Active   William Mc Carthy 2014 Medford MA  
Active   Kory Mc Gilvray 2018 Wilmington MA  
Active   Bill Mc Gowan 2001 Taunton MA  
Active   Richard Mc Laughry 2019 Needham MA  
Inactive   James E. Mc Manus 2006 Bridgewater MA  
Active   Carl McDonald 2020 Boston MA  
Inactive Yes Thomas F. Meagher 1978 Duxbury MA  
Active Yes Jose A. Medeiros 1993 Lawrence MA  
Active   Nestor A. Medina 2004 Malden MA  
Active   Deborah Meincke 2016 Westwood MA  
Active   Robert "Bob" Mello 2015 Medford MA  
Active Yes Joseph Merrullo 1994 Milford MA  
Active Yes Emillo Michelangelo 1983 Marshfield MA  
Inactive Yes Paul D. Miller 1992 Millis MA  
Active   Ray A. Miller 2012 Hanover MA  
Inactive   Jethro Mills 2007 West Newton MA  
Active   Ken Milne 2003 Norfolk MA  
Active Yes Ken Minasian 1992 Hyde Park MA  
Active Yes Robert A. Minichiello 1997 Revere MA  
Active   Steven Mirasolo 2018 Reading MA  
Active Yes Jack Mitchell 2007 W. Bridgewater MA  
Inactive   Sam Mokalled 2005 Quincy MA  
Active   Nathan Monteiro 2020 Malden MA  
Active Yes Kenneth Moore 1995 North Attleboro MA  
Active   John Morandi 1980 Tewksbury MA  
Active   Victor Moreno 2019 Somerville MA  
Active   Philip F. Morgan 1978 Melrose MA  
Active   Roger Morrison 2002 Burlington MA  
Inactive Yes Walter E. Mortimer 1968 Braintree MA  
Inactive   Michael J. Muchmore 2004 Lynn MA  
Active   Moses Mugabi 2019 Reading MA  
Active   David Mugford 1998 Beverly MA  
Active   Michael Mulroy 2010 Marblehead MA  
Active   Daniel Murphy 2008 Westborough MA  
Active   James Murphy 1997 Framingham MA  
Active   Leah Murphy 2009 Westborough MA  
Active   Thomas M. Murphy 2015 Watertown MA  
Active   John F. Murray 2006 Concord MA  
Inactive   Sam Muyamina 2011 Avon MA  
Inactive   Elie
Nassif 2006 Attleboro
MA top
Inactive   John Nathan 2001 Pembroke MA  
Inactive   Robert Nathan 2014 Pembroke MA  
Inactive   Arthur Naumann Jr 1998 Kingston MA  
Active   Edward R. Newton 2002 Dracut MA  
Active   Todd Nicholson 2019 Norwood MA  
Inactive   Wyckoff Nissenbaum 2010 Needham MA  
Active   Donnovan Nobel 2014 Dorchester MA  
Inactive   Matthew J. Noonan 2020 Somerville MA  
Inactive   Patrick J. Norton 2011 Hull MA  
Active   Stephen C. Nunes 2009 Framingham MA  
Inactive   Kenneth Oasis 2018 Waban MA top
Inactive   Richard A. Oasis 2009 Dover MA  
Inactive   Keith O Brien 2016 Holbrook MA  
Active Yes James O Connell 1978 Lynnfield MA  
Active   William Offord 2018 Mendon MA  
Active   John W. O Halloran 2006 Stoneham MA  
Inactive   Joseph W. O Hear 2002 N. Attleboro MA  
Active   Donald O Keefe 2014 Lynnfield MA  
Active   Joseph "JJ" Oliver 2014 Norfolk MA  
Active   Anthony Olivier 2013 Braintree MA  
Active   Rowan Olmstead 2017 Brockton MA  
Active   Arthur O'Neill 2015 Melrose MA  
Inactive   Neil A. Orlando 2000 Norwood MA  
Inactive   Jose Ortiz 2016 Lawrence MA  
Active Yes Brian Osborne 2019 Myrtle Beach SC  
Active   Chris Pacelli 2002 Foxborough MA top
Active   Hiller Pario 2010 Beverly MA  
Inactive Yes David Parisi 1982 Hanover MA  
Active Yes Ralph Parziale 1989 Woburn MA  
Inactive   David C. Patten Jr. 2013 Marblehead MA  
Active Yes Mark Paul 1986 North Quincy MA  
Active   Richard H. Paulsen 2004 Woburn MA  
Active   James Payne 2018 Norwood MA  
Active   Pat Payne 2015 Norwood MA  
Active   Mark R. Pearson 2018 Bedford MA  
Inactive   Barry Pekarsky 2003 Newton MA  
Active Yes Michael E. Pelletier 1991 Salem MA  
Inactive   Cara Pember 2014 Newton MA  
Inactive   Cory Pereira 2016 Framingham MA  
Active   Ronald M. Perkins 2010 Peabody MA  
Active   Elvis Perndoj 2015 Boxbourough MA  
Active   Ralph Perrotto 2018 Pembroke MA  
Inactive   Joel Perry 2006 Attleboro MA  
Active   Christian Peterson 2019 Cranston RI  
Active   Kevin Phelan 2008 Billerica MA  
Active Yes Donald Phelan Jr. 1995 Newton MA  
Active   Michael Pietila 2016 Medway MA  
Active   Louis J. Pignatone 2004 Burlington MA  
Inactive   David Pinkos 1998 Woburn MA  
Active Yes Joseph Pinkos 1989 Medford MA  
Active   Michael Pittman 2010 Peabody MA  
Active   Giuliano Pizzo 2018 Salem NH  
Inactive   Cody Plourde 2016 Framingham MA  
Active Yes Larry Poirier 1985 Arlington MA  
Active   Kenneth P. Pondelli 2006 Burlington MA  
Active   Marvin Barry Popkin 2005 Lynnfield MA  
Active   Slav Pop-Nikolov 2015 Dorchester MA  
Inactive Yes Joseph W. Powers Jr. 1990 Bridgewater MA  
Active   Tombo Guy Puati 2017 Salem MA  
Active Yes Robert D. Purple Sr. 1992 Newburyport MA  
Active   Alexander Quadros 2020 Hanson MA top
Active Yes James Quinn 1984 Framingham MA  
Active Yes Edmund J. Rae 1978 Westwood MA top
Active Yes Benjamin M. Reed 1994 Gloucester MA  
Active   Matthew D. Reed 2007 Sudbury MA  
Active   Luis Reis 2020 Franklin MA  
Active   Tom Ribaudo 2018 Stoneham MA  
Active   Orlando Ribeiro 2008 Brockton MA  
Active   Frederick Rich 1997 Acton MA  
Inactive   Angelo Rinchiuso 2016 Plymouth MA  
Active   Michael Ring 2020 Quincy MA  
Active Yes Richard T. Ring 1994 Stoneham MA  
Active   David W. Rivera 2018 Saugus MA  
Inactive   Clifford Rober 2004 Bedford MA  
Active   Michael Robillard 2004 Wilmington MA  
Active Yes Peter H. Robinson 1994 Framingham MA  
Active   Steven Robinson 2014 Carlisle MA  
Active   Ernesto Rodriguez 2002 Waltham MA  
Inactive Yes Philip W. Ronan 1996 Winthrop MA  
Active   David Roth 2018 Taunton MA  
Active   Scott Ruane 2020 Haverhill MA  
Inactive   Frank Runey 2003 Pembroke MA  
Active   John Russell 2011 Canton MA  
Active   James Ryser 2004 Tewksbury MA  
Active Yes Thomas Ryser 1983 Tewksbury MA  
Active   Maynard Sangster 2008 Kingston MA top
Inactive   Raymond Santilli 2008 Burlington MA  
Inactive   Joseph Santora 2014 Tewksbury MA  
Inactive   Harry Saraidaridis 2003 Reading MA  
Active   Richard Scafati 2013 Franklin MA  
Inactive   Jennifer Scarpelli 2006 Abington MA  
Active Yes Achim G. Scheer 1990 East Walpole MA  
Active   Kenneth G. Schmitt 2004 Blackstone MA  
Active   Matthew Schoener 2018 Dedham MA  
Inactive   John D. Schoenthaler 2007 Walpole MA  
Active   Jeffrey Schwartz 2016 Groveland MA  
Active   Grant Scott 2020 Swampscott MA  
Active Yes Warren E. Scott 1993 Revere MA  
Inactive   Keady Segel 2016 Rockport MA  
Inactive   Borislav Senic 2003 Stoughton MA  
Active   Frederick "Rick" Shaffer 2013 Reading MA  
Active   Ryan Shea 2019 Wakefield MA  
Active   Chuck Sheehan 2019 Westwood MA  
Active   Bradley Shores 2015 Georgetown MA  
Inactive Yes Marilyn Sicurella 1990 N. Chelmsford MA  
Inactive   Carlos Silva 2013 Brockton MA  
Active   Peter Silverman 2018 North Chelmsford MA  
Inactive   James A. Small III 2014 Assonet MA  
Active   Mark Smith 2015 Medford MA  
Active   Nick Smith 2019 Randolph MA  
Active   Robert Smith 2019 West Bridgewater MA  
Inactive   Ricardo Solares 2001 Reading MA  
Active   Jeremy Solomons 2016 Jamaica Plain MA  
Active   Andrew Sorensen 2017 Plymouth MA  
Inactive   Brooke Sousa 2019 Swansea MA  
Active   Johannes Souza 2014 Taunton MA  
Active   Salvatore Spinnato 2004 Westwood MA  
Inactive Yes Peter St. Clair 1986 West Roxbury MA  
Inactive   John G. St. Martin 2012 Marlborough MA  
Active   Augusto R. St. Silva 2019 Milton MA  
Active   Geary Stacey 2018 Framingham MA  
Active Yes Thomas R. Stagliano 1971 Wellesley MA  
Active   Matt Stanton 2014 Marshfield MA  
Active Yes Richard Starsiak 1996 Quincy MA  
Active   Frederick C. Stec Jr. 2009 Dracut MA  
Active   Matt Stein 2004 Newton MA  
Active Yes Ashley Stevens 1995 Winchester MA  
Active   James "Jay" Stevens 2013 Hopkinton MA  
Active Yes Eugene Stewart 1995 Norton MA  
Inactive   Joseph Stewart 2015 Wrentham MA  
Active   Roger A. Stone 2002 Winchester MA  
Active   Maura Sullivan 2020 South Boston MA  
Active   Michael Sullivan 2019 Newburyport MA  
Active   Sean Sullivan 2019 Newburyport MA  
Active   Erick Sundberg 2008 Plymouth MA  
Inactive   Chris Sweeney 2011 Canton MA  
Active   Daniel Tarr 2016 Salem MA top
Active   Bruce Terra 2010 Middleboro MA  
Active   Mamadou Thiam 2016 Roxbury MA  
Active   Robert Thielker 2002 Raynham MA  
Active   John Thompson 2017 Marblehead MA  
Active   Andrew Tighe 2006 Peabody MA  
Active Yes James Tighe 1977 Duxbury MA  
Inactive   Todd Tinkham 2015 E. Falmouth MA  
Active   Omar Tizi-Ougdal 2010 Acton MA  
Active   Adam J. Tocci 2005 Framingham MA  
Active Yes Michael Torpey 2015 Holliston MA  
Active   Doug Tracia 2010 Pompano Beach FL  
Active   Aldo Tramontozzi 2016 North Reading MA  
Active   Savas Trellopoulos 1998 Peabody MA  
Inactive   Richard A. Tremblay 2009 Marblehead MA  
Active Yes Daniel Trepanier 1985 Methuen MA  
Active   Jeffrey Tri 2019 Stoneham MA  
Active   Ryan Tropeano 2020 Pembroke MA  
Active   John P. Tsouvalas 2013 Georgetown MA  
Active   Alexandre Viana 2009 Northbridge MA top
Active   James Viana 2018 Northbridge MA  
Active   Igor Vieira 2018 Medford MA  
Inactive Yes Bob Vichnick 1974 Norton MA  
Active   Michael A. Viggiano 2011 Burlington MA  
Active Yes Giovanni Viola 1994 Medford MA  
Active   Edward E. Wallace 2005 Ocean Bluff MA top
Michael Wallace 1995 Cambridge MA  
Active   Tom Walsh 2020 Kingston MA  
Active   Bill Walthall 2019 Swampscott MA  
Active   Chengjun "Ken" Wang 2014 Acton MA  
Active   Marji Erickson Warfield 2017 Southborough MA  
Inactive   Frederick J. Watson 2009 Bridgewater MA  
Inactive   Nate Weitzer 2015 Waltham MA  
Inactive Yes Stephen H. Wells 1988 Quincy MA  
Active Yes Cheryl Welsh 1995 Peabody MA  
Active   Mark J. West 2009 North Reading MA  
Inactive   E. Martin Wetzel 1997 Braintree MA  
Active   Richard Williams 2007 Boston MA  
Active   William G. Wipper 2019 Duxbury MA  
Active   Edward Wolf 2020 Milford MA  
Inactive   Andrew Wolk 2020 Millis MA  
Inactive   Richard Wood 2017 Milford NH  
Active   Ronald Yankum 2016 Norwood MA top
Active   Raffi Yardemian 2020 Belmont MA  
Inactive Yes Richard J. Yavarow 1994 Billerica MA  
Active   Charles Yorke 2019 Georgetown MA  
Active   Jeffrey Zesch 2009 West Roxbury MA  top



Victor R. Alvarez 1983 Milton MA
Stephen G. Barrett 1984 Braintree MA
Michael Berrigan 1973 Newton MA
David H. Blanchard 1994 Danvers MA
Michael C. Brown 1994 Medford MA
Paul Butler 1982 Brockton MA
Charles J Byrne 1975 Melrose MA
Paul Campbell 1987 Peabody MA
Joseph Caruso 1970 Billerica MA
Rosario Cascio 1978 East Boston MA
Sam Cheeca 1989 Malden MA
Ronald Cocuzzo 1974 Wollaston MA
Alfred J. Cosentino 1983 Hampstead NH
Patrick Daly 1985 Melrose MA
Fernando Di Censo 1985 Middleton MA
Stuart Feinberg 1984 Swampscott; MA
William Flannery 1976 Mansfield MA
Donald E. Fredericks 1990 Stoughton MA
William Furze 1976 Hull MA
Joseph Gaudet 1978 Mashpee MA
Philip Gerety 1980 Weymouth MA
Jack W. Hawxell 1971 West Boxford MA
Kenneth Henderson 1986 Holliston MA
Donald Hussey 1989 Rockland MA
David N. Jakub 1975 Hingham MA
Kenneth E. Jay 1968 Burlington MA
Howard F. King III 1980 Cumberland RI
Antonino La Fauci 1995 Waltham MA
Art Lewis 1987 Venice FL
Salvatore Lo Grasso 1985 Stoneham MA
James Malone 1971 Wakefield MA
Stephen Manley 1996 Saugus MA
Kevin Mc Cauley 1981 Peabody MA
Daniel Mc Garry 1995 North Easton MA
James Mc Laughlin 1989 Wichita KS
William Mc Mann 1985 Marshfield MA
John Morrocco 1979 Framingham MA
Denis Mulvihill 1984 Melrose MA
F. Michael Niles 1989 Norwood MA
Thomas C. O'Connor 1970 Reading MA
Hugh O' Connor 1968 Natick MA
John E. O' Keefe 1972 Dover MA
Patrick O'Leary 1972 Port Charlotte FL
Jules Osyf 1991 Millis MA
James Panesis 1975 Peabody MA
Calvin G. Perry 1983 Andover MA
Rod Pickard 1972 Peabody MA
Robert Ringuette 1966 East Bridgewater MA
Paul Sainato 1980 Bedford MA
Marilyn G. Salerno 1993 Rockland MA
William Seabury 1978 Stoneham MA
Erik Schmakel 1978 Boxford MA
Tom Severo 1978 Westford MA
Dino Siega 1992 Malden MA
Joel Simons 1988 Swampscott MA
Robert D. Stowell Sr. 1989 Rockland MA
Janet Sullivan 1985 Weymouth MA
Tibor Toth 1978 Salem NH
Richard F. Valle 1977 North Andover MA
J. Paul White 1983 Saugus MA
Larry Wise 1983 Holliston MA
David Wong 1983 Norwell MA
Mark A. Zibel 1985 Dudley MA

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