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Liability Insurance for EMSOA Members


 As of 9/20/2020, EMSOA has acquired a new liability insurance policy for all EMSOA members.  Below is a summary of the insurance.

Coverage Each Occurrence Total Occurrences
General Liability



Sexual Abuse Liability


Medical Payments for EMSOA Members 

$25,000 per Accident
$500 Deductible



General Liability: The insurance company will investigate and defend the EMSOA member and/or the EMSOA organization against any law suit from an incident where bodily injury and/or property damage is alleged to have occurred.  The insurance company will pay for damages up to the limits of the policy.

Sexual Abuse: Payment for any accusation or determination of sexual abuse by a member.

Medical Payments: Payment for medical expenses due to a member's injury while involved in an activity associated with EMSOA. This includes any activity immediately before, during or immediately after a meeting or game. These payments will be paid after all other coverage including the member's medical insurance or other insurance has paid.

Exclusions: The policy does not cover damages which are:
a) the result of illegal acts such as serving alcohol to a minor.
b) one member suing another member
c) being intoxicated when the act leading to the law suit occurred
d) due to many other actions, most of which are rare or do not apply

The insurance policy is with Houston Casualty Company and covers EMSOA member from 9/20/2020 to 9/20/2021.  After the end of the policy period, the EMSOA Board of Directors will either renew the policy, modify it or obtain an alternate policy. 

If you have want to make a claim under this policy, contact the EMSOA Secretary/Treasurer as soon as possible.  He will assist you in making your claim.


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