Complaints & Grievances


Rationale: The following policy and procedures, as set by the Executive Board of the E.M.S.O.A., outlines the method whereby complaints or grievances, arising from an incident occurring in a Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) sanctioned soccer game may be initiated. MIAA is a member of the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS). The E.M.S.O.A. is a MIAA recognized board of officials, sanctioned to recruit, train and make available soccer officials for the schools to employ through their assigning agent the League Commissioner. The only adverse action which E.M.S.O.A. can take against a member who violates MIAA and/or NFHS rules, procedures and code of conduct is to send the member a letter of reprimand or to expel him/her from membership. Any action taken will be communicated to game assignors. E.M.S.O.A. has no authority over game assignors.

The policy of the Executive Board of the E.M.S.O.A. concerning complaints and grievances is to accept and review ONLY those comments or complaints that are accompanied by written communication signed by the Athletic Director (AD) or higher authority within the school(s) concerned.

The Executive Board (EB) will then request the Judiciary Committee (JC) of the E.M.S.O.A. to review and make recommendation(s) for the EB’s consideration. The review by the JC may include, but not be limited to interviewing the complainant, concerned parties, game officials, coaches, MIAA observers, designated Site Manager and whoever else might help in the JC’s inquiry.


The following guidelines should provide useful assistance in submitting a grievance or letter of complaint:

  1. The original letter must be signed and identify the appellant’s relationship to the incident.
  2. A signed communication accompanying the letter from the AD or higher school authority from the school involved.
  3. All communication should be addressed to: Secretary/ EMSOA 100 Powdermill Rd., #240 Acton, MA 01720-5932
  4. Please include any other information that could prove useful to the JC, including video, film, etc.
  5. All letters and materials submitted will be acknowledged.
  6. The decision of the E.M.S.O.A. Executive Board will be communicated to all concerned parties.