Referee Development

The goal of the Referee Development Program is to provide on-field observations and feed-back to a referee. The referee should consider the feed-back and work to improve his/her game performance.  The observation and feed-back is for the individual referee’s usage and does not guarantee that the referee will be assigned higher level games.  A field observation is done by an experienced referee who comes to a game for the sole purpose of watching the performance of a referee.  The observer discusses the performance of the referee with him/her after the game and gives suggestion for ways to improve his/her performance.  A written report of the referee’s performance will be provided to the referee a few days after the game.  The observer will not give a copy of the report to any assignor.

All referees should receive a field-observation during his/her first year or two of officiating high school games without making a request. More experienced referees may also request a field-observation, but priority will go to the less experienced referees due to a limitation of resources.  The requesting referee should contact the Director of Referee Development in his area and let the Directory of Referee Development know when the he/she is assigned to officiate a two-man system game.  In most cases, the observer will inform the referee prior to the start of the game that the observer is watching the game.  In unusual situations, the observer will inform the referee at half time.  In most cases, the observer will stand along the touch-line to observe the game.  When there are limited personnel to act as observers, the referee’s partner may be the observer.

You can download a copy of a Blank Observation form which the observer uses as he watches a game.